Semrush Vs Similarweb 2022 – Which One Should You Consider

The digital era brought with it a fresh wave of activities. As industries moved online and economies started depending on information technology to thrive, the need for digital marketing and online awareness became paramount.

In the years since the beginning of the digital era, several companies have taken it upon themselves to fill the niche of digital marketing created by the digital era. While some companies like Similarweb and Google Trends handle particular aspects of online marketing, others like Semrush have taken a holistic approach to digital marketing.

Semrush vs similarweb

Semrush Vs Similarweb – Data Accuracy Change Whole Marketing Game

Deciding which way to go as a new business looking to join the online community might be a daunting task, especially with the variety of digital marketing solutions out there.

This Semrush vs Similarweb article helps make the decision-making process for new businesses fairly easy by looking at the singular and holistic approach to digital marketing adopted by Similarweb and Semrush, respectively.

Let’s Dive in!

Multiple Tools for Diverse Marketing Channels

Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite for improving visibility online and discovering marketing insights, while Similarweb is a website that provides web analytics services for businesses. We can broadly break digital marketing into search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, and marketing analytics.

  • Semrush gives you access to all the tools you need to perform a successful digital marketing campaign on one platform, they provide you with keyword research tools, web traffic data, site optimization methods among other features which allow you to rank your business higher on the SERP.
  • Similarweb on the other hand provides you with web traffic data about your business and your competitors, they focus more on website traffic volumes by comparing the data which attracts more traffic to your competitors.

Advanced SEO Features

Semrush Vs Similarweb 2022 - Which One Should You Consider 2

For SEO features, most platforms offer you basic information that helps you rank your site higher.

  • Similarweb gives you basic SEO features around website traffic and analytics, and they focus their SEO features on just getting you traffic and helping you rank higher in SERP. With Semrush you don’t just get Advanced SEO features, you also get consistent rank tracking, backlink analysis, and on-page SEO among other features.
  • Semrush does not just help you get more website traffic; it also makes sure that the existing traffic you get stays with you consistently by giving you access to data used to create engaging content that keeps customers coming back for more.
Top 5 reasons to choose Semrush over Similarweb By Semrush

Database and Data Accuracy

The online market comprises various business sizes ranging from websites and blogs that get little or no traffic per month to those that get over 50,000 visits in a month.

  • Similarweb keeps tabs on websites that have many visitors each month, so the data they provide regarding consumer behavior is mostly accurate for extensive businesses with little or no information available for small businesses and startups, which are new to the online community.
  • Semrush, on the other hand, has access to 20B keywords in 142 databases for different countries plus an additional backlink database with over 40T backlinks.
Semrush Vs Similarweb 2022 - Which One Should You Consider 3

These databases enable Semrush to give you access to high-quality data on consumer behavior concerning your business line and the business of your competitors. With a backlink database of over 40T backlinks, Semrush can monitor both big and small businesses, including new startups who are new to the digital market, so you can be certain that Semrush gives you high-quality data on your competitors (big, small, and new) and gives you accurate insights into what they do that makes them successful.

Transparency of Features and Pricing

The beauty of going to a Supermarket over a grocery store is because for a particular product you have access to a variety of options to choose from plus access to sales agents that can help you through your decision-making process by explaining the difference in each of those varieties to you to help you pick the product that will suit your needs better while also giving you cheaper prices. 

Semrush Features and Pricing

Think of Semrush as your digital marketing supermarket that offers you four transparent packages with each package having a clearly defined set of features grouped into toolkits in such a way that you can easily pick the package that suits the needs of your business without having to contact the sales agents with regards to the prices or features of each package.

semrush pricing 2021

Pro Plan ($119.95/mo) – I Recommend to Freelancers, and Bloggers.

Results per report: 10,000
Reports per day: 3,000
Keyword metrics updates/mo: 250
And, more advanced features

Guru Plan ($229.95/mo) – I Recommend to small and medium businesses.

Results per report: 30,000
Reports per day: 5,000
Keyword metrics updates/mo: 1,000
Historical data: Available
And, more advanced features

Business Plan ($449.95/mo) – I Recommend to establish marketing agencies and eCommerce projects.

Results per report: 50,000
Reports per day: 10,000
Keyword metrics updates/mo: 5,000
Historical data: Available
Product Listing Ads: Available
And, more advanced features

Semrush .Trends Features and Pricing

.Trends was recently introduced by Semrush. .Trends gives you complete access to Traffic Analytics and Market Explorer tools by using both tools you can take your close eyes to your competitors marketing efforts.

semrush .trends features

Semrush .Trends come as an addon to their core plans (Pro, Guru, and Business) at an additional $200/month.

Semrush Vs Similarweb 2022 - Which One Should You Consider 4
Pro + .Trends cost you $319.95/month
Guru + .Trends cost you $429.95/month
Business + .Trends cost you $649.95/month
Semrush Pricing 2022 – Which Plan is Best for You?

Similarweb Pricing and Features

Similarweb has a standard monthly or yearly fee for some basic set of features. More features require extra cost and the help of sales agents with regards to the functionality of the features and their prices. Without foreknowledge of what you need for your business, you might be left out of crucial features that would improve your business’s online visibility and traffic. The price of a set of features available in one package on Semrush would cost more on a Similarweb because each additional feature aside from the basic ones is paid for individually.

similarweb features and pricing 2021

Free Plan

5 Results per Metric
1 Month of Mobile App Data
3 Months of Web Traffic Data

Paid Plan

Unlimited Results per Metric
Up to 28 Months of Mobile App Data
Up to 3 Years of Web Traffic Data
And, More Features

Multi-Platform Marketing

As we all know, most businesses in this new era have a social media handle even businesses that are yet to have their website, all have a social media page across various platforms from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even YouTube depending on the product being sold by the business.

  • A survey I conducted on customers regarding where they got information about a particular product showed that most of them received awareness about the product through their friends or business pages of various social media handles. A plan on Similarweb for your website leaves you stuck in the rain should you decide to move your business towards the social media direction.
  • However, with Semrush, you are not left out of the game as Semrush monitors keyword mentions and cross platforms posting, giving you access to the latest trends on social media to enable you to gain visibility for your businesses across the various social media platforms.

Moreover, content marketing tools like topic research, content audit, personal recommendations, and WordPress integrations are all available on Semrush giving you complete coverage on all aspects of your business across different platforms.


Semrush offers you the varieties that a Supermarket would offer you at a cheaper cost with no stress regarding which option to go for seeing as all packages are clearly defined in terms of features and price while Similarweb offers you the basic features which a grocery store would offer you for a particular product with additional costs in case you want additional features that are not originally available.

To cut the long story short, the question I have for you is this, If you wanted to buy a product like Milk knowing fully well that there are different types of milk (full fat, low fat, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, cow Milk among others) and you had access to a Supermarket and a grocery store within the same distance, Would you buy your Milk from the grocery store that would probably have one or two types of Milk or would you rather buy from the Supermarket that has various varieties of Milk at a cheaper price?

The answer to this question should make your choice of a digital marketing platform relatively easy.

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