Rocket.Net Review 2022 – Complete And Detailed [Discount Included]

Looking to start your own WordPress website? Or are you looking to switch from another host?  


Websites have become a crucial part of our everyday life. From online shops to promoting brands and products, they serve different purposes.

Considering the crucial role they serve in our society, it cannot be overstated how important it is that a website is always fast and online. 

The speed and availability of a website on the web are determined by many factors. However, web hosting plays a major role.

That’s why I’m here today to review Rocket.Net! review 2021

Parameter to Choose a Web Hosting

The selection of a hosting company for your website is crucial to the success of your website as it determines the availability, speed, and security of your website. When selecting a hosting company for your website, the following factors should be taken into consideration before the choice is made:

Server uptime and reliability
Backup policy
Price and Reputation

This article will serve as a hosting review for some of the above factors with respect to as one of the most reliable WordPress platforms.

Let’s dive in! Overview

Rocket.Net Review 2022 - Complete And Detailed [Discount Included] 1 is an all In one WordPress platform with built-in CDN and WAF, optimized and delivered by Cloudflare enterprise. They have a single powerful interface, and a simplified database management system, and to top it all, they offer performance and efficiency over everything.

How To Start With Rocket.Net

With a few simple clicks, you can migrate your site from your old hosting company, or you could simply create a new site in seconds with an option to pre-install WordPress or WooCommerce depending on the kind of website you are looking to start.

Moving forward, let’s take a look at some of the cool features that make so reliable and trusted.

all blog ideas gtmatrix performance report

This website (AllBlogIdeas) is hosted on Rocket.Net and has had great performance over the last 6 months.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Rocket Hosting Features

Rocket hosting provides all the advanced features that you need to grow your website or online store like Rocket. 🙂

A few amazing features are Automatic Updates, Daily backups On Demanding DevOps, WP Expert Migration, etc.

rocket hosting features

More features details here >>


rocket hosting dashboard

The platform is a simple control panel that has been tailored specifically for the hosting company. dashboard is a significant shift from the boring interface that shared web hosting provides.

The interface is clean, navigation is smooth, and it contains everything you need to run your website. If you have been using the old cPanel supported by most hosting sites, then you will find the hosting panel pleasing to your eyes.

To manage your website, go to the overview and use the back end to activate and deactivate themes and plugins. You may also access advanced PHP settings, manually toggle a backup, and view automatic backups.

You can turn on and off a built-in staging environment, and you can push from one state to the next. This staging mode is highly reliable, and it performs admirably in all of the scenarios I have tested it in.

In general, the panel is easy to use and navigate, so you can customize many settings as you wish, but what’s the point of using a managed WordPress platform if you will end up doing the site settings and customization yourself.


The amount of data your website can deliver to visitors in a given month is known as bandwidth. Suppose your website is going to be visited by a lot of users every month. It’s imperative that you choose a hosting site that gives you sufficient bandwidth to support your estimated number of visitors. offers clients various bandwidth options to choose from, starting from 50GB to 500GB depending on your hosting package and estimated use for your website. So with, you don’t have to pay for excess bandwidth that you might end up not using, and the beautiful thing Is that you can start from a small bandwidth size and increase gradually as your average number of visitors increases.

Backup Policy

Have you ever been in a situation where you deleted data from your hard drive, or your phone ran into an error, and you needed to recover information previously stored on it? An instance of these two scenarios is enough to tell you the importance of backups, talk less of your website that is responsible for all your customer’s data, not to talk of sales and other services that you might have up and running on your website. offers two types of backups to benefit its users. These are:

Daily backups that are completely automatic with self-service restore functionality.
On-Demand backups, of which you can generate a complete WordPress backup manually.

With access to these two types of backup systems, you are never left in the rain should you run into issues regarding your website data at any point in time.


When it comes to choosing a website host, security is a crucial factor to consider. has several tools that help improve your site’s security, including an always-on website firewall known as a WAF (website application firewall)

WAF stands for Website Application Firewall and is a shield for your WordPress site in that it can filter out and block unwanted traffic to your WordPress website. has put in place some crucial safeguards to protect your WordPress site. These are some of them:

Instantly on WAF: Each WordPress site is protected by Cloudflare Enterprise, which is configured before deployment.

The WordPress ruleset from Your force field will be active from the minute you go online.

Protection from DDoS attacks:  A DDoS attack, or Distributed Denial of Service attack, is when a criminal tries to take down a website by flooding the server with spam traffic. DDoS protection is provided by and Cloudflare, which can handle the world’s greatest attacks.

Malware protection is provided: On two layers, delivers complete malware protection. The Cloudflare WAF provides continuous protection, while Imunify Security protects the origin servers.

Speed: Having a hosting company with CDN incorporated into its hosting packages is like driving a car with Nitro equipped to it. Let me give you a sneak peek of what CDN entails; usually, when you request for a web resource from a website that is hosted, say, for example, In Singapore and you are located in somewhere like New York, your request has to travel thousands of miles to the host server which will then send the resource through the same distance before it gets back to you. But with CDN, the cost and transit time of sending and receiving a web resource is reduced drastically. enterprise cdn uses SSD storage instant to HDD drive to speed up your website.’s killer feature is its capacity to deliver instant “A’s” and fast website loading speeds from anywhere on the planet. WordPress can go incredibly fast straight out of the box, thanks to its Edge data centers providing your content to the premium Cloudflare network.

Customer support:

Rocket.Net Review 2022 - Complete And Detailed [Discount Included] 2

Hands down, assistance is the best in the industry. Because they are a smaller firm, you will have the opportunity to interact with their support staff and get to know the individuals behind the live chat.

If you’re going to use a WordPress hosting site, you’ll want to be able to contact the knowledgeable staff if you have any questions or issues. provides phone, chat, and email assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays, and their crew will even assist you to optimize your WordPress website at no extra charge. That’s what managed WordPress hosting is all about.

Additional toppings: While provides ample hosting space for websites of all sizes, it also offers several additional complementary services that set it apart from the competition. The following are some of the major draws for me:

Backups are available for free. You get daily backups for free, with a two-week backup retention period.

All WordPress sites get free migrations, as well as recommendations for plugins you won’t use anymore.

DigiCert DV SSL is available for free. SSL that is pre-installed, auto-renews, and never expires is automatically renewed.

CDN and WAF are also free. The same services, powered by Cloudflare Enterprise servers, would cost more than $200 per month per site (Cloudflare Pro Plan).

Plans and Pricing:

Rocket.Net Review 2022 - Complete And Detailed [Discount Included] 3 comes with four different plans with the same features to choose from. The main difference being the number of WordPress installs, visits, and storage.

Starter Plan

WordPress Install(s): 1
Website Visits: 250,000
SSD Storage: 10GB
Price: $30/Month

Pro Plan

WordPress Install(s): 3
Website Visits: 1,000,000
SSD Storage: 20GB
Price: $60/Month

Business Plan

WordPress Install(s): 10
Website Visits: 2,500,000
SSD Storage: 40GB
Phone Support
Price: $100/Month

Agency Plan

WordPress Install(s): 25
Website Visits: 5,000,000
SSD Storage: 50GB
Phone Support
Price: $200/Month

Rocket offers both monthly and annual billing terms. You’ll get two months for free if you go annually or get the first month at $1 for a monthly plan.

Rocket hosting provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for all four plans.


Easy to Use Control Panel
Free Cloudflare Enterprise
Daily Backup
Enterprise CDN
Price: $30/Month


Email Hosting Features not available
Domain Registration Features not available

To sum it up, thanks to Cloudflare Enterprise Servers, a dual firewall system, and several WordPress optimizations, including HTTP/3 compatibility, is perhaps the best-managed WordPress platform. They are a self-contained hosting firm that assists via phone, chat, and tickets 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, you’ll need to budget for Rocket hosting, which is expected given the amount of cutting-edge technology they employ.

For me, the top-selling points of are the performance, easy-to-use panel back end, incredible support, and WAF security options. If you’re considering managed WordPress hosting, I highly recommend Their platform offers the best hosting for small businesses, agencies, and WooCommerce stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The fear of failing at a new venture is a significant force that has withheld people from taking that first step. It has prevented us from witnessing society changing businesses that could have made our lives easier.

Many people have been trying to start a business or an online brand, but the thought of, how will I make my website? What if my website is not lovely? What if people don’t patronize my website? Has held them back.

Well, the days of being held back by fear are over. With a simple click of a button, you can get access to and its unique features and customer support team, who are ready to assist you every step of the way towards building your dream WP website. That is the beauty of a managed WordPress platform!!!

Moreover, when you use, you are assured of ultrafast webpage loading speeds, 24/7 customer support, round-the-clock security (courtesy of WAF), full website automatic backups, and enough storage space to accommodate visitors on your site.

As much as is a managed WordPress hosting, it’s costlier if you are a startup or a website with low traffic.  If you are a large organization or business, then would be perfect for your business, but it would be more profitable to go for shared hosting like GreenGeeks to save your money if you are a small business or just started blogging.

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