BeRush Affiliate Program Review – Promote SEMrush and Earn Dollars For Lifetime

berush affiliate program review

Are you looking to promote affiliate products or tools? Or just want to earn dollars online without any website?

You are at the right place.

Here, I come with an affiliate program that is called SEMrush’s affiliate program.

Before reviewing SEMrush’s BeRush affiliate program, let me introduce you SEMrush.

What is SEMrush?

semrush tool - SEO and SEM audit tool

SEMrush is an all-in-one online marketing toolkit/services for those who want to see their business or blog to the next level, online.

SEMrush is the best tool for competitors’ research, organic keywords research, ads keywords, content writing assistant, Technical SEO, backlinks audit, and a lot more you can do just using the SEMrust tools.

No matter you are a blogger or you run a big website owner.

You can do anything with it like SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and more. I have much more to talk about SEMrush.

So, it’s why SEMrush says All-in-One Marketing Toolkit for digital marketing professionals!

It’s always better to try first before recommending any product online. So, here you get 7 days free trial for SEMrush.

However, let stop me here because this post all about SEMrush’s affiliate program. So, let start with them.

What is BeRush, and SEMrush’s Affiliate Program?

berush recurring commission

BeRush is an in-house affiliate program of SEMrush it’s also known as SEMrush’s affiliate program.

You can promote the SEMrush tools and earn money using the BeRush affiliate program, it’s one of the best recurring affiliate programs for those of you who want a residual commission and a high-quality product to promote.

BeRush affiliate program provides a 40% recurring commission every month just for generating a single sale for SEMrush.

SEMrush Affiliate New Update

BeRush is now an invite-only program. Fortunately, you can join SEMrush’s affiliate program on ShareASale and earn $200/sale, $10 per trial activation, and $0.01 per registration. Directly join here.

Cool! Right?

How BeRush Affiliate Program Works?

how berush work

After registering on, you will get a unique trackable referral ID (AKA affiliate ID, affiliate link). You need to use that affiliate ID to recommend the SEMrush tool and when subscription sales generated you will get a 40% recurring commission for every purchase and each renews.

how-berush affiliate program work

You should read their manual here.

Plans and Commission Structure

How much you earn for a single sale that depends on which subscription plan sale generated via your affiliate id.

Commission structure for a single sale:

  • Pro plan at $99.95 monthly and $999.36 annual – commission $39.98/month (for a monthly plan) or $400/year (for a yearly plan)
  • Guru plan at $199.95 monthly and $1999.44 annual – commission $79.98/month (for a monthly plan) or $800/year (for a yearly plan)
  • Business plan at $399.95 monthly and $3999.36 annual – commission $159.98/month (for a monthly plan) or $1600/year (for a yearly plan)

You can earn from $39.98/month to $159.98/month just for a single monthly subscription sale.

And you can earn from $400/year to $1600/year for a single yearly subscription sale.

Most importantly you will recommend the best tool they have 5+ million users, and I personally use it and found it is powerful yet easy to use.

So, you can recommend it as the best SEO tool and earn dollars online!

Join BeRush Affiliate Program (FREE)

BeRush Affiliate Program Features

BeRush provides you some amazing features to increase your earning, and some of those features help you to easily promote them.

berush affiliate program features

First Cookie Wins: That means someone first clicks on your affiliate link and then clicks on others’ affiliate links after that buy any subscription plan then still you get a commission, no other because of the first click attribution model.

10 Years of cookie Life (Amazing): That means when someone first clicks on your affiliate link in June 2018 and they buy in November 2019 (any time within 10 years) then still you will get a commission (no matter how much they click on others BeRush affiliate links after clicking on your affiliate link), if they not clear their cookies, before buying any plan.

Pre-approve all applications: Sign up and all set to promote, you no need to wait for manual account approval.

Minimum Payout $50 (via Paypal): You will receive your commission payment easily via Paypal and the payout threshold is $50 (you can do it easily).

Pre-made Promo materials: You can easily promote them because they provide pre-made promo materials as customizable banner and widget.

Twice Payments every month: You will get on-time payment with their twice payments system 10th and 25th every month.

How to Promote SEMrush?

After going to, you will be 7 mins away to promote it. Yes, that’s it.

Join BeRush affiliate program: It is as simple as entering an email id and password then verify the email address, that’s it.

It is easy to promote because BeRush provides Promo Materials (like links, banners, eBooks, and Widgets) to promote them or you can use your affiliate link within articles, email, social media, etc.

You can choose specific links, banners, eBook, or widgets by shorting from the category or from the language.

Quick Note: You can see the Promote Materials option after logging in.

berush promo materials
berush promo features

Links: You will get 13 categories (link Academy, SEO, Blog, Trials, and more) to choose from and then click on copy code then share with others.

berush links promo materials

Banner: You will get 18 banners to choose from at the time of writing the blog post. You can change the banner size to fit on your blog sidebar or content area from the drop-down menu, or you can add a referral source name to track performance.

Also, If you want you can match widget color to your blog.

berush banners promo

eBooks: You will see 9 eBooks from 5 categories. So, you can recommend these eBooks, then whenever someone converts to a SEMrush customer, you get commissions.

berush ebooks promo

Widget: The widget section has 6 widgets with 2 category options (Competitive Research and SEO).

berush widgets promo

You Can Promote SEMrush Without a Website or Blog

Yes. You read it correctly, no need to have a website to promote SEMrush.

Recommend them via Email, post videos, or through your Social Media like Facebook posts, Twitter tweets.

You can read the FAQ for more details.

Quick Tips: It is always better to have your own blog because on your own blog you get complete control over what to promote and how to monetize.

SEMrush Affiliate Program Contest

You will get a chance to win the content by participating in the content and do the best yours.

BeRush regular runs big content. So, SEMrush’s affiliates get a chance to participate in the contest and win the prize.

Currently, BeRush is running BIG CONTEST: Win $1000, $500, or $200.

berush contest

No, any other big company runs this type of contest regularly to my knowledge.

Source page.

How Good Their Payment System?

In one sentence. You will get on-time payment with their twice payment system that is 10th and 25th every month.

They have two payment options via Paypal and Wire Transfer. Where Paypal minimum payout $50 (easy to achieve) and Wire Transfer $1000 (yes. I wrote correctly, $1000).

So, it’s best to choose Paypal as a payment option (I use it).

Support Team:

If you need any help or need to contact for any reason, you can email them.

For any help, you can reach BeRush:

Also, you can read BeRush FAQ here.

It is also important to fill and submit the Tax Form to get payment on your bank account. So you can see the Tax Form button in the profile section.

What I Like Most?

  • Their First Cookie Wins model
  • 10 Years of cookie life
  • And of course up to 40% recurring commission for the lifetime

What do I not like?

  • Wire Transfer threshold is $1000, I don’t know why. However, you can use Paypal to a minimum threshold of $50, it is the best option.

Join BeRush Affiliate Program

SEMrush Affiliate New Update

BeRush is now an invite-only program. Fortunately, you can join SEMrush’s affiliate program on ShareASale and earn $200/sale, $10 per trial activation, and $0.01 per registration. Directly join here.

High recurring commission + Free to join + Chance to win Big Contest!

You can also consider recommending SE Ranking SEO software where you will get a recurring affiliate commission. SE Ranking affiliate pays a 30% lifetime recurring commission for every sale generated.

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I Thought

BeRush is Free to join, and most importantly you will promote a tool that useful and resolves your customer’s or readers’ problem, not anything important more than this, right?

So, you should join BeRush Affiliate Program and also, give a try SEMrush tool (7 days free trial), so you can better understand how their tool is powerful and easy to use and also how they work.

Thanks for giving your valuable time to read the whole article!

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Which affiliate program works best for you and how you promote them? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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    1. Hi Maria,

      You can promote SEMrush through Facebook. However, you can not use SEMrush, and related keywords on Google Ads, and also you can not send direct traffic to the SEMrush website using Google Ads. Take a look at the FAQs page or get in touch BeRush support them. Thank you so much for asking me.

  1. Hi Sarwar,
    You have explained everything very well about Berush,can we promote it by LinkedIn. Or what’sapp

    1. Hi Heena,

      Yes, you can promote SEMrush through LinkedIn or WhatsApp (make sure to use your affiliate link). However, I recommend to start your own blog and promote them as you want without any restrictions on your website.

      You can buy InterServer web hosting at $1 for 3 months and domain name under $10, both under $11. Need any help? Contact me at sarwar[at] Tank you so much for asking me!

  2. Hi Sarwar

    I have studied your blog. Presently I don’t have any blog. Please guide me how I can start this. I shall be very grateful to you.

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