Review 2022: Why Is It A Game Changer For Content Creators? is a platform that enables content creators to build their own online businesses and make money. It’s quite different from other services in the sense that it doesn’t charge any commissions for hosting or selling your courses. And you can sell your content for as much as you want. In short, the platform gives you 100% control of your business, so you can do whatever you want with it.

You can use to sell your knowledge and expertise in any niche—whether it’s fitness, cooking, travel, writing, coding, photography, or just about anything else under the sun! Even if you don’t have any expertise to speak of, this platform can still be a game-changer for you! What’s more? This means anyone who wants to use this site can have their own business set up in no time!

In this detailed review you get to know, whether is it worth buying or not. Review 2022

What Is

Passion io is an all-in-one solution that allows content creators to easily sell digital products:

  • Online courses
  • Content bundles (a collection of related resources from different categories)
  • Memberships (access to exclusive or premium content)

It’s a paid membership platform that makes monetizing your online presence a breeze, and it’s quickly becoming the game changer for many digital entrepreneurs.

Passion IO review and How it Works

passion io app is a simple and easy-to-use platform that allows any content creator to make money off their work. In other words, it helps you create, sell, and market your online courses while they handle all the technical stuff so you can focus on just creating awesome content.

In addition to Passion’s ease of use, it’s also a complete marketplace for content creators to sell their products without worrying about hosting or payment processing. It offers multiple ways for your customers to pay (including PayPal) with no transaction fees whatsoever. Yup, you read that right – there are no transaction fees at all!

To get started on the platform, all you need is an idea and then build out your course using its drag-and-drop interface (or hire one of their experts). Once your course is published by Passion’s team of designers and developers, it will be available for purchase on the website or as part of a subscription package through its app store page.

Features of offers a lot of features that make it a perfect platform for content creators. The platform offers a set of advanced features like a codeless application platform, membership site, content builder, and many more. also supports multiple languages, so your online courses can be accessed by a global audience if you start writing posts in multiple languages.

One of the most significant advantages is that you don’t have to worry about security; provides you with SSL certification and daily backups to keep all your data safe on cloud storage.

Who Uses is a powerful online platform that helps you create and sell online courses. This makes it a great tool for business owners, freelancers, content creators, content marketers, or anyone else who wants to monetize their knowledge.

So what does Passion io have to offer? In a nutshell, this powerful platform gives you everything you need to do the following:

  • Create professional-looking eLearning courses in minutes
  • Monetize your knowledge by selling your courses directly on your website or blog
  • Add more value to existing and new products by bundling them with a course
  • Boost engagement with built-in community features including live streaming and discussions

Pros and Cons of


  • allows you to choose customization for your store, allowing you to use your own domain name, have customized email addresses, and add banners for future courses. In addition, it offers the ability to create discount codes for all courses or specific ones.
  • You can create an email drip campaign that will automatically send emails to students as they enroll in a course. This is ideal for welcoming them and providing them with more information about the course material.
  • Passion provides extensive training on how to market your course and get it off the ground; this includes everything from creating videos to creating webinars and landing pages.


Passion does not offer group plans if you are running a business with multiple users who each want access to the platform – each person will need their own account. However, they do provide group discounts if there are two or more people signing up at once.$

Plans and Pricing

At the time of writing, there are three plans available to you if you decide to sign up for As you can see from the screenshot below.

passion io pricing

The Pro plan comes with all the features that you need to sell courses. If you go for this option, then this is what it will cost:

  • Monthly Billing Circle: $97/month
  • Annual Billing Circle: $79/month (Saving $216/year)

The Ultimate plan comes with all important features such as Custom branding, Drip Content, Set Up Call, and unlimited subscribers. The pricing is as follows:

  • Monthly Billing Circle: $297/month
  • Annual Billing Circle: $239/month (Saving $696/year

You can check current plans and pricing here. is a Niche-Specific platform is just one of the many niche-specific platforms that make it much easier for content creators to grow their audience, sell products, and make money.

You can host your products on Amazon or Etsy, but the problem with both of these platforms is that they are not designed specifically with creators in mind, which means you don’t get the tools and support you would expect. Alternatives

As a alternative, here are some options that can be considered:

  • Teachable: It is a good platform for ambitious content creators who want to make courses and sell them online. It has tools that help you create modules and lessons, build a website, create landing pages, and more. There are also tools that allow you to collect payments from clients or users of your course. One downside is the price which can range from $29 – $299 depending on the features you will use.
  • Thinkific: This is another platform for making courses on niche topics like professional development, health, fitness, etc. You can use this platform for building an audience, creating content, and selling products or services online. It is more expensive than Teachable (at $49 – $499).
  • Kajabi: This option has many tools fit for people building marketing funnels centered around online courses/classes as well as other kinds of educational resources such as webinars and PDFs. The tool lets users host entire sites with custom-made templates designed to boost conversions regardless of their technical skills or budget limitations. Unfortunately like most other alternatives here it comes at a high cost (from $119 – $399 per month).
  • Memberful: Formerly known as Ghost site Clubhouse it is now being used by companies such as Dribble to offer exclusive content access for premium subscribers only in exchange for monthly fees. Aside from this feature Memberful also has other functions including an easy way to create new accounts or even update existing ones once payment goes through successfully so there’s less work involved when managing customers’ accounts manually each time they sign up again after canceling their subscription due to non-payment issues etcetera!


What is the need for a platform like

Many content creators are struggling to find a place to create their courses and sell them with ease. They have to deal with multiple platforms, software, and more just to create a course and get it out there.

What is the purpose of is here to help content creators succeed in creating courses and selling them online. It’s an all-inclusive platform where you can do everything from building your course to selling it.

How Does Passion IO Work? works by providing you with a platform that allows you to create courses, upload them, share them via your website or social media channels, collect payment from students, provide support for your students, and much more!

It’s an easy, fast, and effective way for anyone eager about teaching online but doesn’t want any hassle associated with other platforms out there in the market today

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Conclusion Of Passion io

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that is one of the best platforms for content creators to sell their courses and make money.

If you’re a content creator that wants to create and sell your own course, then is the platform you need to choose.

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