DinoRANK Review 2022 – Is It the Best and Affordable SEO Tool

dinorank review 2022

DinoRank is a software that is intended to improve the ranking of a website in Google and Bing. It also helps to gain traffic from both of them. The most important thing about it is that, if you’re willing to use it, you can easily get results within a few days.

This program has been created by a team of professionals who have worked on several successful projects before. This allows you to know how they would approach the development of this particular tool. As soon as you open the package, you will see that there are tons of features and tools. These allow you to get the best results in an extremely short time.

In this DinoRank review, I will go through if it is worth buying or not.

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What is DinoRANK?

dinorank appsumo deal

DinoRank is an affordable SEO suite for bloggers, SEO Experts, digital marketers, and agencies created by Gaby and Dean Romero in 2019.

It helps online businesses to expand their online organic reach and make more sales. You can easily do keyword research, competitor research, site audit, keyword tracking, improve internal links, and more which means you can manage your entire SEO strategy with the DinoRANK SEO suite.

  • DinoRank is an all-in-one SEO solution that makes it easy to monitor your keywords ranking and competitors.
  • DinoRank gives you insights about your web pages, backlinks, semantic prominence, etc.
  • DinoRank provides WDF*IDF analysis and visibility analysis for all plans.

How It Works – Overview Video by AppSumo

I embedded the DinoRank under 5 minutes demo Youtube video created by the AppSumo team below:

Risk-free 60 days money-back guarantee!

DinoRANK Features

dinorank features

DinoRank is an SEO analysis software that helps you optimize your website by analyzing the performance of each page. The program will help you identify all the pages on your site that need attention, so you can make the necessary changes to improve their rankings. You should also know how important keywords are for a particular page.

You can use this tool to find out whether any of the content on your site is missing from the search engine results. If it does, then you can add more information to the relevant web pages to increase their chances of appearing in Google’s SERP.

DinoRank is a great tool for monitoring your competitors and keyword ranking positions.

DinoRank Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited domain
  • Chat support
  • White-label reports
  • Provides a detailed analysis of the sites you choose
  • Cannibalization and thin content tracking


  • I found some language errors
  • No RSS feed

Features Included in All Plans (DinoRank AppSumo Deals)

  • Lifetime access to DinoRANK Account.
  • All future Pro Plan updates are for Free.
  • Unlimited domains allow you to add all of your websites and clients’ sites.
  • DinoRANK’s features allow you to track your rankings on Google and analyze your competitor’s positions.
  • DinoRANK’s Cannibalism detection tool allows you to identify and fix any cannibalization problems.
  • Figure out Thin content helps you rank better in search engines.
  • External link management allows you to identify trusted sites for your page.
  • White-label reports mean reports without DinoRank branding.

Why Do You Need To Buy DinoRank?

  • DinoRank is a powerful tool to improve your SEO strategy
  • You don’t need to worry about the monthly price anymore.
  • DinoRANK is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire devices.
  • A lifetime deal on AppSumo will help you to save a lot of money in the long run.

Risk-free 60 days money-back guarantee!

DinoRank AppSumo Deal Pricing

Dino Rank comes with 3 license options License Tier 1, License Tier 2, and License Tier3. You will get all features in all licenses but the numbers are different.

dinorank appsumo lifetime deal

Complete details about DinoRank Lifetime Deal on AppSumo here.

DinoRank AppSumo – License Tier 1

  • 300 keywords tracking per day
  • 20 domain tracking
  • 225 WDF*IDF analysis (content)
  • 150 keyword research per month
  • 35 results are generated by keyword research per month
  • 15 cannibalization and thin content tracking per month
  • 35 graphic analysis of competition visibility per month
  • 35 results by visibility analysis per month
  • One-time purchase of $69 (worth $504)

DinoRank AppSumo – License Tier 2

  • 650 keywords tracking per day
  • 45 domain tracking
  • 500 WDF*IDF analysis (content)
  • 350 results are generated by keyword research per month
  • 80 results by keyword research per month
  • 35 cannibalization and thin content tracking per month
  • 75 graphic analysis of competition visibility per month
  • 75 results by visibility analysis per month
  • One-time purchase of $139 (worth $720)

DinoRank AppSumo – License Tier 3

  • 1,500 keywords tracking per day
  • 100 domain tracking
  • 1,000 WDF*IDF analysis (content)
  • 700 results are generated by keyword research per month
  • 150 results by keyword research per month
  • 80 cannibalization and thin content tracking per month
  • 150 graphic analysis of competition visibility per month
  • 150 results by visibility analysis per month
  • One-time purchase of $239 (worth $916)

All the above plans come with an unlimited domains feature.

Risk-free 60 days money-back guarantee!.

Conclusion of DinoRank Review

Overall, this is a great software that gives you valuable insights into your website and competitors. If you are looking for an affordable all-around SEO tool then I highly recommend the DinoRank AppSumo Lifetime deal at $69 (you will get a $10 additional discount if you are a new AppSumo user).

If you found this Dino Review helpful then please comment below or ask me here if you need any help.

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