GetResponse Website Builder Review: AI Site Builder Make Your Life Easier

Initially creating websites was seen as a herculean task, mostly because of the series of long lines of code that needed to be written for you to be able to get a single functionality in place. Over time WordPress, bootstrap, and other website development software came along. Even with the development of WordPress, a level of expertise was needed before you could create something spectacular or something that fits your desire.

However, with the introduction of website builder software that makes use of drag and drops features, building websites has never been more fun and easier. Anyone can now create a webpage with a few simple clicks of the mouse and the ability to select and combine awesome images and colors.

Various website builder software are available now, some have free versions which you can test run with limited features while others have just a premium version available. For this article, I will be reviewing the features and the benefits of the Getresponse website builder.

getresponse website builder review

Let’s dive in!

Overview of Getresponse Website Builder

getresponse website builder

Getresponse is an all-in-one email marketing platform with a website builder feature that makes the integration of marketing campaigns seamless with websites.

The platform features a beautifully arranged dashboard with all its features neatly arranged in a drop-down menu and call to action buttons displayed at the top of every page.

The Getresponse website builder features an option to use pre-designed templates or an AI-powered builder that can set up your website in less than five minutes.

The website builder offers ease of use with a powerful set of features to easily build your websites without having any knowledge of coding. Getresponse website builder offers a variety of website options to select from depending on the intended purpose of the website.


getresponse website builder features

Website builder with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

To create sturdy and full websites, Website Builder employs advanced AI programming. The AI Wizard will automatically build custom-made web pages when users answer a few easy questions about their industry, preferences, and stylings.

Ready-made templates

With the help of ready-made templates, users may build and personalize their websites from the ground up. Layouts, styles, and fonts that are appropriate for various industry categories are included in predesigned and blank templates.

Additional customizations for unique website designs are possible thanks to an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Simple Dashboard

getresponse site builder dashboard

Getresponse website builder has a simple but beautiful dashboard with the menu displayed at the top of the page in addition to a drop-down menu available at the top left-hand corner.  The dashboard features an option to change multiple aspects of the website at once using a global design button.

This button contains features such as content width, color palette, style, shape, and size among other features.

There is also an option to create more pages in addition to the ones created by the AI-powered builder plus a button with lots of Elements to customize the pages.

Hosting and domain in one platform

Getresponse website builder features both hosting and domain services all in one platform. There is also an option to connect your domain if you already own a domain or you could just use their free website address that ends in while you are still trying to figure out the kinks for your website.

SEO Settings

Each page is created using the Getresponse website builder, there are features of an On-Page SEO setting where you can decide to index each page to enable its discoverability. There is also a description page included in the SEO settings where you can describe each page individually with the keywords that are required to help boost the page’s visibility.  Each page also has a social media tab where you can customize how your page looks when it is shared on social media handles plus an option to limit access to the page’s content.

Performance Analytics

Getresponse website builder takes record of the types of devices that visit your website including the location from which the site was visited.  The platform also keeps track of the number of times your site was visited including the number of clicks each of your web pages or forms received. The information obtained from here can be used for marketing campaigns to extend the reach of the website and also boost the pages that received less visibility.

Complete Website Package

As a newbie in the online marketplace, site visibility is crucial to the success of your business. Getresponse website builder is seamlessly integrated with an email marketing platform provided by the Getresponse team in addition to autoresponders, paid ads, and other growth and communication tools that are essential to the growth and success of any business.

The major advantage of these features is that it makes the transition from website building to online marketing seamless thereby making life easier for the entrepreneur.

Customer Support

The Getresponse team in general has a 24/7 customer support service with multiple personnel agents readily available to answer your questions and help you solve any issues you might have along the way. The response team of their support team is astonishing, they are very polite and patient when it comes to handling complaints and requests.


There are a lot of companies offering hosting and website building services currently. Each of these companies offers just basic website building features plus one or two additional features. However, what differentiates Getresponse website builder from each of these companies are.

  • An option to build the website yourself from scratch or allow the AI to do the basic designs required.
  • Hosting, domain, SSL, and premium website builder features all in one package.
  • Seamless integration between website builder and various growth and communication tools offered within the platform.
  • Predesigned website templates and website elements to easily customize your web pages as you see fit.
  • 24/7 customer support personal readily available by email or through pop-up chat.
  • Performance analytics and website tracking services.
  • Easily connect previously owned domain or make use of the free website address.
  • A chance to sample all the premium goodies by making use of the 30 days free trial period.


  • The website builder is still in Beta mode so it still has few glitches that need to be fixed especially in the area of publishing newly created websites.
  • It has several limited elements when it comes to customizing web pages. Elements like carousels, google maps among other things are yet to be added.
  • The absence of multiple plugins used to provide custom tweaks to web pages.

Pricing plans

Getresponse offers four different pricing plans plus a billing option to pay either monthly, 12 months, or 24 months. The 12 months and 24 months billing plans have a discount of 18% and 30% respectively.

getresponse pricing plans

The four plans available are Basic, Plus, professional and Max with each of them varying in their number of users available, price, and the features available to each plan. However, the one feature that is constant across all plans is the Website builder.

There is also a 30 days free trial option available irrespective of the plan you choose to go with.

Click here to know more about the various Getresponse plans and features.


The Getresponse platform is a bit pricey but the beautiful thing is that it has a lot of outstanding and unique features that give you your money’s worth when it comes to user experience and Efficiency.

As an entrepreneur, the Getresponse platform has numerous online marketing features and is a wonderful choice if you are looking to integrate online marketing and email marketing (free) seamlessly with your website. However, if you are a small business just looking to create a simple website to create an online presence without email marketing for your business then you should consider other hosting companies that offer just hosting services at a cheaper rate.

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