black friday sale Black Friday Deal – Get $1 Managed WordPress Hosting Black Friday Deal – Get $1 Managed WordPress Hosting has launched a Black Friday promotion on its managed WordPress hosting. This year, the company is offering a whopping $1 for 30 days on all plans, including the Enterprise $200/month plan.

The Black Friday sale is available until the 30th of November, 2022. So hurry!

What is Black Friday? Black Friday Deal - Get $1 Managed WordPress Hosting 1

In the United States, Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving. It’s a day when major companies offer deep discounts on their products, and it has become an important shopping day for most people. The same goes for the tech industry, with Black Friday now being a huge deal as well.

This is because Black Friday is the start of the holiday shopping season. It’s also the time when businesses that sell tech products offer up fantastic deals on their services and software.

For example, many online retailers will run Black Friday sales to get you to buy their products as cheaply as possible, like up to 90% off. And many of these Black Friday sales will extend out to other days throughout the year as well.

But there are others who do run Black Friday deals regularly and keep doing so every year too because it works for them and their customers alike! That’s why we thought we would take this opportunity to show you all about the Black Friday deal. Black Friday Cyber Monday Discount 2022

For the month of November, you can purchase hosting services at a discounted price. More details will be coming soon! Each plan offers its own unique set of features and benefits. Features Black Friday Deal - Get $1 Managed WordPress Hosting 2 offers managed WordPress hosting services, which means your website is taken care of by a dedicated team of professionals. hosts over 6,500 WordPress sites, and they have the experience to keep yours running smoothly.

They have a team of technical experts who are available 24/7 by chat, phone, and email to address any issue that might occur on your site. To give you peace of mind that your blog will run without any issues, has also set up a monitoring system that tracks every action performed on your blog and instantly alerts you if anything goes awry.

So, provides amazing features that make your website fast and secure along with unlimited free migration, Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, and expert support 24/7 by chat, phone, and email on all plans.

I wrote a complete review here.

One-Click Staging

With this easy process, you can avoid any complications that might arise and save your time from manually staging your website to development. This makes managing your WordPress website much easier than it would otherwise be without this feature.

Secure File Management offers a secure file management system that keeps your files safe and prevents unauthorized access. They have a dedicated team who is available 24/7 to help you if anything goes awry.

In addition, they implement industry best practices to guarantee the safety of your data and site.

Cloudflare Enterprise CDN Black Friday Deal - Get $1 Managed WordPress Hosting 3

Cloudflare’s Enterprise Network (included for free) is one of the most expensive and powerful services for websites. It offers robust caching and web acceleration which increases your website’s speed, minimizes the server load, and minimizes the amount of data transferred.

It also protects you against DDoS attacks and other issues that can affect your website’s performance. The result is a more user-friendly site that loads faster than ever before.

Cloudflare Enterprise WAF Black Friday Deal - Get $1 Managed WordPress Hosting 4

Cloudflare is a CDN and DDoS protection service (included for free) that provides protection for your website by routing traffic through its network.

Cloudflare also offers DDoS protection with its free, open-source WAF (Web Application Firewall). It is one of the fastest, most scalable WAFs on the market. WAFs are important because they protect your site from problems such as malicious request injections and unexpected traffic spikes.

Daily Automatic Updates

One of the most important features to keep in mind when looking for a managed WordPress hosting provider is automatic updates. You don’t want to have to manually install updates on your own blog.

Updates can help improve your site’s performance and security, so you should have a provider that performs these updates automatically. provides automatic updates for their managed WordPress hosting services so you can focus on what matters most: running your blog or site and growing your online business.

15+ Edge Hosting Locations Black Friday Deal - Get $1 Managed WordPress Hosting 5

One of the major advantages of managed WordPress hosting is that they have over 15+ locations to choose from. This means you don’t have to worry about how your site will perform in certain geographic areas.

Regardless of where you live, or what time it is when your website goes live, has a location with lightning-fast speeds that will give your website the power it needs to operate smoothly. Pricing Plans and Discounts plans and discountst comes with 4 managed WordPress hosting plans, 4 Agency hosting plans, and 4 Enterprise plans.


Why should I Grab Rocket net Black Friday Deal? is a managed WordPress hosting company that offers fast and secure hosting services. They also offer all the features you could possibly want, so it’s unlikely that you’ll ever find a reason to look anywhere else.
Plus, they run a Black Friday sale this year 2022, and with great discounts throughout the year so you can save huge money.

I know that this isn’t the only web hosting company on the market, but it really is one of the best ones out there for WordPress hosting!
The deal starts [Coming Soon] and goes through November 30th, so if you haven’t already bought your hosting from, now is definitely the time to do so!

What makes different from other hosting services? provides fast and secure managed WordPress hosting with Cloudflare Enterprise CDN (worth $6000/mo+) feature that makes your website fast along with this you get a website firewall, malware protection, and automatic updates that make your website secure you will also get expert support 24/7 and 30 days money back guarantee.

What is the difference between black Friday and Cyber Monday?

There is little difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, other than the timing for each. Black Friday is the name for the day following Thanksgiving that’s meant for shopping. Cyber Monday is a term used to describe the first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday.
If possible, I like to purchase on Black Friday so that I can save as much money as possible.

Who owns Hosting Company? was founded in 2020 by Ben Gabler with the mission to accelerate, protect, and deliver WordPress as close as possible to visitors around the world. was created with over 17+ years of direct web hosting and SaaS (software as a service) experience with extremely talented individuals around the globe.

Conclusion of Black Friday sale

Black Friday is coming up and Rocket Net hosting is having a Black Friday Cyber Monday deal. This is a great offer for anyone who wants to switch from their current host or looking for the best-managed WordPress hosting.

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