Jasper ai free trial 2022

Jasper AI Free Trial – Try 5 Days For Free + 10,000 Words Free Credit

Jasper AI Free Trial – Try 5 Days For Free + 10,000 Words Free Credit

Jasper is a popular AI copywriting tool that offers a free trial to test and use it.

With Jasper AI Free Trial you get 5 days of free access with all features plus 10,000 words of free credit. You only have to follow simple steps to get it added to your Jasper.ai account.

To take advantage of Jasper’s free trial offer, click the button below.

You can use Boss Mode and generate long-form content for Free!

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How To Claim Jasper AI Free Trial (Simple Steps)

Jasper ai free trial 2022

Here’s a step-by-step simple process to activate your Jasper Free Trial within a few minutes.

Step 1: Visit Jasper AI Free Trial Page

Jasper AI Free Trial - Try 5 Days For Free + 10,000 Words Free Credit 1

Visit Jasper’s free trial offer page here you can see 10,000 Words of Free credit promotion. You have to click on the “Start Free Trial Now” button.

Step 2: Sign Up for Jasper.ai

Jasper AI Free Trial - Try 5 Days For Free + 10,000 Words Free Credit 2

You can see 2 options to sign up for Jasper where 1st. Option, you can sign up through your Gmail account (easy signup process), and 2nd. Option, you can fill in all the information manually and click on the “Continue” button.

Step 3: Select Pricing Plans

Jasper pricing plans

Here you can see there are 2 pricing plans Starter and Boss Mode (Recommended). choose one and click on the “Start free trial” button.

Step 4: Enter Payment Details

Jasper payment

You have to provide payment details in order to activate your 10k words free credit for 5 days. After clicking on the “Start trial” button your Jasper AI free trial will be activated.
Tip: If you are not interested to pay after the trial ends then you can anytime cancel your free trial before they charge on your Card.

Jasper AI Popular Features in 2022

Why is Jasper so popular when other AI Copywriting software offers lifetime plans? Jasper.ai makes content creation easy and fast with unique features that benefit you in generating high-quality content.

1. 50+ Proven Templates

Jasper AI templates

Jasper.ai is a copywriting tool designed for content creators, digital marketers, and bloggers. It lets you create professional content using over 50+ templates.

The free trial of Jasper.ai has more than 50 templates for articles, blog posts, Amazon Product Features, and descriptions, Google Ads headlines and descriptions, Quora Answers, and more.

2. Boss Mode

Jasper boss mode

Write long-form high-quality blog posts 5X faster using Jasper Boss Mode.

Boss Mode unlocks the Documents feature that makes it fastest to write long-form content that’s original and plagiarism free.

6 Strong Reason To Go For Boss Mode:

  • Finish your first draft 5X faster in Jasper Docs
  • Create original content that ranks for SEO
  • Original content that’s 100% plagiarism-free
  • Command the AI to write what you want
  • Higher quality outputs with better context
  • Grammarly included for mistake-free writing.

3. Surfer SEO Integration

A tool like Surfer SEO helps you optimize your blog posts and articles to rank on Google’s first page.

Integrate Surfer SEO with Japser.ai to get Surfer SEO benefits (Guidelines, Outline, and Brief) in your Jasper long-form editor and optimize your articles for SEO accordingly.

2 hours of free training for “Write Content Fast That Ranks On Page 1” from Jasper.ai.

4. Jasper.ai Chrome Extension (NEW)

Jasper recently launched a Chrome extension to make it easy to use Jasper.ai anywhere on the web.

Install the Jasper Chrome Extension and you will be able to use Jasper AI on Gmail compose, WordPress, Notion, Google Ads, Docs, Youtube, and many more.

5. 25+ Languages Support

Jasper support 25+ languages

You can write creative SEO-optimized copy in over 25 languages with Jasper including English, German, Greek, French, Chinese, and more.

6. Jasper Art (separate plan)

Jasper Art

Jasper Art is designed for generating high-resolution art and images using AI machines.

With Jasper Art you can generate royalty-free images using writing a prompt, selecting style, and generating unlimited images at $20/month.

Jasper.ai Free Trial Pros and Cons

Every tool has its pros and cons. That is why it’s important to mention them to make your buying process easier.


  • High-quality output in comparison to other tools.
  • Regular software updates with new and cool features.
  • Boss Mode generates high-quality output in long form.
  • 25+ Languages helps you generate articles for multi-language niches.
  • Jasper Chrome extension works anywhere online.
  • Excellent customer support 24/7.


  • Sometimes irrelevant output is generated.
  • Lifetime deal not available.

FAQs of Jasper.ai Free Trial

What is Jasper.ai copywriting tool?

Jasper.ai is an intelligent content creation tool that allows copywriters, bloggers, and digital marketers to create and generate content on demand.

It also minimizes the process of writing articles, blog posts, web pages and more by providing a variety of templates for you to choose from when you’re ready to start your next project.

Does Jasper Generate plagiarism-free content?

Jasper.ai generates 99.9% original content, but it does provide a significant amount of quality content issues sometimes.
The tool is a great assistant for human writers and can be used to generate content for generic topics or niches.

AI assistants are not meant to replace human copywriters. Instead, they help them get rid of writer’s block and generate content ideas.

What is the process of using Jasper.ai?

Jasper.ai is a tool that allows you to create content by just inputting a few details. It’s a very easy process that can be done in less than a minute.

The first step is to select the type of content you want to generate. You can either write an article, blog post, or press release. Then, you need to provide the topic for your content for it.

The next step is to answer a few questions about your content and what kind of tone or voice you want it to have.

The last step is to review your generated output and publish it on any desired platform such as your blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Quora.

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Conclusion of Jasper AI Free Trial 2022

If you’re looking for a high-quality AI copywriting tool way to get started with your own content creation, then look no further.

With Jasper AI, you can write high-quality, SEO-friendly content for blog posts, Ads, product descriptions, etc. It’s easy to use, and it does all the heavy lifting for you. So you can focus on marketing without having to worry about content creation.

Jasper AI comes in two versions. First, there is the Starter version, which has a lower monthly fee. Second, there is the Boss Mode version, which costs as little as $49 per month for 50,000 words. Considering the features, it’s a reasonable price.

CTA: If you’re interested in trying Jasper AI, click here to try Jasper free for 5 Days along with 10k words free credit.

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