How to Make a High Converting Sales Funnel in WordPress

Creating a high-converting sales funnel is one of the most important things you can do as a digital marketer. It’s not just because it will make your sales process more efficient and lead to higher conversion rates. It’s also because a high-converting sales funnel is a necessary step towards transforming your business from an eCommerce store into a thriving digital brand that people want to buy from again and again.

Most businesses don’t have the time or resources to invest in building an entire eCommerce site from scratch, which is why creating an effective sales funnel should be at the top of your list when starting out.

In this blog post, we will cover everything you need to know about how to create a high-converting sales funnel in WordPress.

How to Make a High Converting Sales Funnel in WordPress

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What is a Sales Funnel?

How to Make a High Converting Sales Funnel in WordPress 1

A sales funnel is a marketing strategy that aims to capture leads and convert them into buyers. This can happen in a few ways, including by capturing leads through email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, or direct website traffic.

The sales funnel will have one or more steps that need to be completed before the lead becomes an actual customer. The first step of the funnel might be an opt-in form asking for permission to send commercial emails. If someone provides their permission and fills out the form, they’ll move on to the next step where they fill out a contact form or wait for a reply from your company.

This information (along with any other customer data) would go into the CRM system to keep track of everything your prospective customers have done so far.

Why are Sales Funnels so Effective?

There is no denying that marketing can be expensive. This means that you need to make sure that you’re spending your money wisely. One way to do this is by using a sales funnel. A sales funnel is basically a set of steps that leads customers through the buying process. It can be made up of a number of steps, such as advertising, promoting, selling, and customer service.

When you use a sales funnel, it helps you to get more conversions, and thus generate more revenue for your business. The best part of all is that it’s easy to create one. All you have to do is follow these three basic rules.

First of all, you should focus on the end goal. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Once you know what that is, then you can start creating a plan. You’ll also need to define your audience. Who are they? How will you reach them? And finally, you’ll need to determine the type of product that you’re selling.

What Should be Considered to make the Sales Funnel successful?

Sales funnels can be used to help you sell more effectively. If you want to learn how to use them, here’s a quick overview of each step.

  1. Awareness This is where potential customers become aware that they need your product. You’re trying to get them to notice the problem you solve, so you should focus on creating content that will make people interested in learning more.
  2. Interest – Once you’ve created awareness, you need to create interest. People don’t buy things just because they know about them. Instead, you have to persuade people that you offer a solution to their problems. To do this, you’ll need to provide useful information and show the value of your products.
  3. Action – After you’ve gained interest, you need to convert it into action. You can do this by providing an easy way to purchase your product. The best sales funnel software will allow you to easily set up a landing page that allows visitors to sign up for your free trial or pay for your services.

What are the Steps within a Sales Funnel?

The steps within a sales funnel typically include the following: –

Step 1: Capture leads

Step 2: Qualify leads

Step 3: Convert qualified leads into paying customers

Step 4: Referralize your best customers

Step 5: Retarget your customers and convert them back into leads (Optional)

Step 6: Measure and optimize your sales funnel

AIDA and Its Impact on Conversion

Aida stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. AIDA is the acronym that describes the steps of the sales funnel. The goal of the sales process is to get a prospect to convert. To achieve this, you need to have a strong attention phase. This means getting the prospect’s interest by focusing on their needs.

You also need to be able to provide the right information so that the customer will become interested in your product. Once they are interested, you must create desire. You do this by providing them with a solution to a problem or offer. Finally, once they are desiring, you should move them through the action stage of the sale.

If you want to improve the conversion rate of your business, then it is important that you focus on all four stages. If you don’t, you may end up losing money and wasting time.

It is true that you can’t force a person to buy your products or services. But, you can help customers make the decision to purchase.

What do you need to build a Sales Funnel?

The first thing you need to do is determine what your business sells. This is an important step as it will help you narrow down the types of content you will create for your sales funnel. Once you know what your business sells, it’s time to decide on a specific goal for your sales funnel.

For example, if your business sells handmade blankets, then the goal could be to sell one blanket per month. If you are selling digital products, then the goal could be to sell one digital product every four or weeks. Next, you’ll want to decide how many people should be targeted through this sales funnel. This can vary depending on what type of business you are running and what your target customer is looking for.

It’s important to choose which content type will go into your sales funnel since it will shape the rest of the content for each stage of the funnel. For example, if you were selling digital products and wanted to use social media content as part of that sale process, then the social media posts would help you.

A Marketing Plan with Defined Goals

Before we can start creating a sales funnel, you need to formulate a marketing plan with defined goals. This is the backbone of your marketing strategy and will help you determine what type of content you need to create as well as how much time and resources it will take.

The first step in the process is to come up with three major goals for your business:

  1. Increase revenue growth rate.
  2. Increase conversion rates.
  3. Decrease costs per customer.

Once these three goals are established, they should be translated into specific actions. These actions may include developing a new product or service or adding more content to your existing products or services. You’ll also want to think about which channels might bring in where you’re looking for traction, meaning which channels should have priority when deciding on what content to create next.

Marketing Content to Support the Funnel

The first step in creating an effective sales funnel marketing plan and creating supporting content for your sales funnel. This means making sure that you are providing value to your audience by educating them on the subject of your business and then incentivizing them to make a purchase. As such, visitors to your website should be treated as potential customers and treated accordingly.

That means you should make it easy for people to find what they are looking for and have their questions answered. They can do this by using a clear call-to-action or by giving visitors a simple product page that offers all the information they need without any confusion.

It’s also important to remember that every visitor is unique and has different needs. Some might be interested in trying out a single product, while others might be interested in learning more about the products before they commit to making a purchase.

Create a WordPress Ecommerce Website

WordPress is open-source software that allows you to set up a website for free. This means that you can sell products on your own site by installing the plugin WooCommerce (free).

When you use a shopping cart, you need to have some sort of payment system. The best way to do this is to use PayPal. You will also need to install an SSL certificate so that customers can safely pay you.

You should be aware of how to add new items to a list in WooCommerce. In order to do this, click on the “Add New Product” button. Then, choose the type of item that you’d like to include.

Once you’ve added all of the necessary information about the product, you will need to save the page and then publish it.

But keep in mind before starting with WordPress you need to buy a web hosting and domain name to host your website.

The basic steps to start a WordPress website are following:

  • Buy web hosting (I recommend Bluehost start at $4.99 per month)
  • Register domain name (I recommend Namecheap or Bluehost free domain name with hosting)
  • Install WordPress (You can use Bluehost one click install feature)
  • Install Theme (I recommend Astra theme or Flatsome for the e-commerce store)
  • Install WooCommerce (It’s a popular free WordPress plugin for online stores)
  • Install important Plugins (I recommend plugins: RankMath, Elementor, and Link Whisper)

A Sales Funnel Plugin (CartFlows)

A sales funnel is an online marketing journey that allows you to build a list of leads who have expressed interest in your product. Once these leads become customers, you will be able to send them emails, text messages, and other forms of communication.

CartFlows helps you to build an effective sales funnel on your WordPress website and the best thing is you can do all things in the WordPress backend.

Create A Landing Page

A landing page is a web page that you create to capture leads from your website. The purpose of a landing page is to get visitors to click through to another site.

This sounds pretty straightforward, but there are many different ways to design these pages. Some people like to use HTML, while others prefer using WordPress. Regardless of the platform you choose, you need to make sure that you have an effective call-to-action (CTA).

You also need to consider how long people stay on the page. If you want them to read more content, then you should add links at the bottom of each section. But if you just want people to sign up, you might be better off with a signup form.

CartFlows will design a high-converting landing page with only a few clicks (with a wide range of templates).

Analytics and Tracking Tools

Analytics and tracking tools are essential for any funnel. They help you understand where your customers come from, what they’re interested in, and what products they’re most likely to purchase. They also help you understand your customers, allowing you to optimize your sales funnel.

There are numerous analytics and tracking tools available, and each has its own unique features. You’ll want to look at the features that are best suited for your funnel. I recommend CartFlows because their Analytics and tracking feature will tell you everything that you need to improve your funnel.

How can CartFlows help you build high conversion Sales Funnels?

How to Make a High Converting Sales Funnel in WordPress 2

CartFlows will help you build high conversion sales funnels by providing the following features:

  • WordPress Funnel Builder
  • One Click Upsells
  • One Click Order Bumps
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Dynamic Offers
  • Checkout Form Layouts
  • Templates
  • Create A Landing Page
  • Analytics and Tracking Tools

You will get complete control of your funnel because this works on your website and domain.

CartFlows Comfortable with all popular WordPress Themes and Plugins

How to Make a High Converting Sales Funnel in WordPress 3

Pricing and Plans of CartFlows

To get CartFlows there are two License options first is an Annual License at $239 and the second is a Lifetime license at $999 (Lifetime license Split Pay available for 4 monthly installments).

How to Make a High Converting Sales Funnel in WordPress 4

No-Risk 30 days money back guarantee!

How to build a Sales Funnel in WordPress using CartFlows

WordPress is a powerful platform that comes with sales funnel plugins. One of the best sales funnel plugins is CartFlows, which is an easy-to-use and customizable sales funnel for WordPress that allows you to create your own convertible landing page for selling your products or services. This tool makes it easy for you to design a customizable sales funnel that will lead your customers from offering to purchase in just a few clicks.

Note: Before following the steps below, I assume you started a WordPress website with WooCommerce features and purchased a CartFlows license (if not already get it now here).

Install Cartflows Plugins and Add Your Products

  1. First, log in to your account on website and download the CartFlows Pro zip from Downloads Menu.
  2. Now, login to your website and go to Plugins >> Add New.
  3. Click on the upload plugin button on the top of the screen.
  4. Select the cartflows-pro.
  5. Install and Activate it.

Design a Landing Page with CartFlows

Landing pages can be very useful tools for online businesses. If you want to design a good one, then here is a tool that will create a great landing page with a wide range of options.

The landing page can be created by clicking on CartFlows (find it WordPress Admin left sidebar) >> Flows >> Add New. From the list of ready-made templates, select one. If you wish, you can customize this template later on.

Create Your Checkout and Thank You Pages

In order to make sure that you’re creating the best possible customer experience, you need to create the right type of page.

Once you do figure this out, you’ll be able to put together a plan for the entire shopping journey. This means that you can work on the checkout and thank you pages first.

To create a payment system, you must assign products to the checkout page. And, build a thank you page to let customers know their purchase has been completed.

No-Risk 30 days money back guarantee!

Testing your Sales Funnel

The most important step in building a high-converting sales funnel is testing it. Whether you’re using WordPress or not, as a digital marketer you need to be able to test and track your marketing efforts.

You should always be looking for ways to improve your conversion rate and figure out what works best for your brand. You can use tools like CartFlows to help create more effective designs and A/B test variations of different elements of your website.

If you want to go the extra mile, you could also hire a professional services company like Webris with Research Assistant Software that does all the heavy lifting for you!


In conclusion, every good product owner knows that a good user experience means nothing if people don’t buy. And the best thing you can do to increase sales is put together an awesome online sales funnel. So, what’s the difference between a great and bad web design? A lot! The right user interface (UI) will help you convert more leads into customers and retain them on your site longer. And, CartFlows will help you to achieve your goal.

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