How To Handle Client Feedback And Improve Your WordPress Business

One of the biggest challenges in business is handling client feedback. Many businesses fail to handle client feedback properly. Some people believe that if you fail to handle client feedback, then your business will fail.

But the truth is that your business will grow if you handle client feedback properly. In fact, if you don’t handle the feedback, then you will lose a lot of money.

Here I listed the best ways to handle client feedback or survey to improve your service.

How To Handle Client Feedback And Improve Your WordPress Business 3

Why direct client feedback is so useful

Direct client feedback is one of the most important aspects of your business. By asking your customers for feedback, you can learn how to improve your service and product. This is especially helpful when you are growing your business since you can use client feedback to improve your product and your customer service.

Helps you deliver a quality project that meets the client’s needs

When delivering a quality project, you should be able to meet the client’s needs and expectations. As a professional, you’ll want to demonstrate your skills, expertise, and professionalism.

Deliver a quality project and impress the client by being organized, following deadlines, and adhering to a high standard of work.

Helps streamline processes

A lean process is one that is highly focused and delivers value to the customer. Lean business processes are very efficient and help keep costs low. When a lean process is implemented, it helps streamline the customer’s business.

Lean business processes are based on the principles of “value” and “flow.” The value of a business process is how much value it provides to the customer. Processes that are not valuable to the customer are eliminated.

Makes customers feel valued

When you’re looking to build customer loyalty, one of the best ways to do so is through a sense of value. Value is something that your customers can’t get anywhere else. It’s something they’re willing to pay for. It’s a feeling of “I’m getting my money’s worth.” You can do it through direct client feedback.

Projects a professional persona

Feedback is important. It’s the only way you can know whether you are delivering what your clients want. Clients often have very specific requests. This is why it’s important to collect feedback and use it to improve the service.

Client feedback can give your projects a professional appearance. It can show you that you are delivering what your clients want. It can also help you improve your work and services.

Helps measure customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is a key metric for measuring the success of your business (using surveys/feedback). Measuring customer satisfaction is an important part of every business’s strategy. It provides a way for you to know whether or not you are providing a good service, or if you need to make changes. When you are measuring customer satisfaction, you need to measure:

  • The number of customer complaints
  • The number of new customers
  • The number of returning customers
  • The number of repeat customers
  • The number of satisfied customers

Helps speed up the design process

Client feedback can be very useful in the design phase of a project. It is essential that you have a clear idea of the client’s expectations, needs, and goals. These will help you create a better solution. It is important that you listen to the client’s feedback, and incorporate their comments into the design. This will help you create a better design that will meet the client’s expectations.

Saves using multiple platforms (email, messages, SMS, etc.)

When it comes to client feedback, you’ll want to use multiple platforms. Email, messages, and SMS are just a few of the many platforms that you can use to get client feedback.

  • Email is a great tool for client feedback. You can send a quick email to your client to let them know that you’ve received their feedback, and ask them to review it. You can also include a link to the client feedback form.
  • SMS is a good way to get quick client feedback. You can text a message to your clients letting them know that you’ve received their feedback, and asking them to review it.

How to Collect Client Feedback

Make sure to ask your clients for feedback on the job you’ve done. Don’t just ask them for feedback, but also ask them why they gave you the feedback they did. This will help you understand what you need to change in order to be more effective.

There are many ways to collect client feedback I’m discussing a few best ways below.

Feedback form

A customer feedback form is an effective way to collect feedback from clients. It provides an opportunity for clients to rate and comment on their service provider. Customer feedback forms also provide an opportunity for your company to respond to complaints. If you have a customer feedback form on your website, you can use Google Forms to create the form. When a client fills out the form, you can easily store the data in your database.


They feel valued to have a quick response from you.
You can make your customers feel great!


Customers don’t want to spend a lot of time filling out the feedback form.
It’s difficult to handle all of the feedback.

Feedback through Email

You can use email to collect client feedback. You can send a survey, questionnaires, or any other information that you want to share with your clients.


  • Cost-Effective.
  • It can be sent to many people in a few clicks.
  • The customers have their own time to respond.


  • You need the customer’s email list.
  • Sometimes customers forget to respond to emails.
  • Sometimes emails go through the customer’s spam folder.
  • Not well organized for collecting feedback.

Project Management System

Project management systems provide tools and software that help you manage projects. They’re designed to streamline the entire project lifecycle. This includes the following stages: planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing.


  • Ability to keep track of multiple projects at once.
  • The project’s speed has been improved.


  • Some software can be very costly with very little ROI.
  • It may complicate simple projects.
  • When relying on automated alerts, there are issues with execution.

Direct Feedback or Survey using a plugin

Direct feedback can be a great way to get feedback on your content. It can be especially helpful when you’re writing a blog post. When you collect information directly from your readers, you can provide them with valuable information.

A WordPress feedback or survey plugin works by installing it on your website, doing basic settings, and automatically start collecting user feedback when visitors click on a button on your site. The plugin then sends the collected data to the company, which can use the information to improve its service.


  • All your client’s feedback on the website backend.
  • Straightforward to customers giving feedback. 
  • Customers can easily give their feedback right from the website.
  • Easy to Customize
  • A lot of features


  • Some plugins slow down the website.
  • Not all plugins are easy to use.

Introducing ProjectHuddle Direct Feedback Plugin

How To Handle Client Feedback And Improve Your WordPress Business 4

ProjectHuddle is a WordPress plugin for website and design feedback that allows you to collect feedback from your customers. It works by creating an online survey that is displayed on your WordPress website. When visitors complete the survey, their answers are collected in real-time and displayed on your site backend. This gives you an opportunity to ask for feedback, while also providing a service that your customers enjoy.

And, it does not slow down your WP website.


There are a lot of feedback plugins available in the market, but these feedback plugins will make your direct feedback experience more enjoyable. I hope you will use these feedback plugins and implement all the best tips to grow your online business.

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